10k Online Running Programme


Product Details

The Run with Emer 10k programme includes:

  • An introductory video giving an overview of the programme.
  • A running technique coaching video with full warm up and cooldown stretch routine.
  • Pilates for Runners video with all the key strength exercises you will need to build strength, stability, flexibility and core strength.
  • 6 week training plan with 4 weekly running sessions, including intervals, guided audio run and the gradually increasing long run starting at 3.5 miles and building up to 10k!
  • A printable 6 week plan plus a printable tracker to fill in as you progress every week.
  • 2 coaching podcasts to bring with you on your 30 minute guided runs.

Please complete the fitness and health screening form when you sign up for the programme. It is important to know you are physically ready to follow the plan.
To complete the programme make sure you record and email me your final run and receive your very own Fitness with Emer 10k finisher medal!