Calling all Primary and Secondary Schools!

I offer Pilates, Oxygen Advantage breathwork and running sessions for students and Pilates classes for staff and parents. Giving teachers and students the opportunity to release stress and tension due to sitting at their desks and working hard all day.

My School Classes are relaxed and fun, with a focus on improving mobility, flexibility and posture. Students will have the opportunity to bring awareness to their breathing patterns and spend time on mindful movement.

I have found great success in delivering Running & Pilates combo classes over the last couple of years. All classes will start with a warm up, running intervals will be provided for older students and the option of a fun run obstacle course will be provided for the younger students. This is followed by Pilates exercises to aid mobility and flexibility.

All classes can be adapted to be delivered online or in class to suit individual school needs.

All school packages can be delivered in conjunction with The Wellness Tribe. Pamela Golden the founder of the Wellness Tribe has trained in Mindfulness for School children and brings with her a wealth of experience in the area. 

For more information about my school classes or to book in with me, just get in touch.